Luxury Sands

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£4.99 sqm

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100% wool Berber Loop Pile carpet AMAZING PRICE!!!

Available in a variety of colors, this loop pile Berber is perfect for high-traffic areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. This 100% wool carpet which comes in some great contemporary colours and at a  ridiculous price will beautify your home for years.

£12.99 sqm

 8mm PU Foam Carpet Underlay 


A great looking carpet starts with good quality underlay. Our range starts at 8mm thick PU Foam which makes any carpet look fantastic and stay looking that way for years.

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Desert Twist

£7.99 sqm​

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​£3.99 sqm


Great price!!!

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Tools and accessories


If you're a fitter or a diy'er we stock everything you need to fit and finish your floor Like thresholds, Spray adhesive, gripper, blades, heat seam tape and more at great prices

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Carpets from  £3.99 sqm

We offer all Flooring types to meet your needs whether it's your Dream Home, a Rental Property 

or a Commercial Build. Just call email or come and see us for your free quotation

Room size Remnants At Least 50% off!

We have room size remnants in various sizes and colours- all at at least 50% off.Come have a look, make us a sensible offer and grab yourself a bargain!!

Landlord Loop pile felt back carpet


Our Landlord loop is a great choice for rental properties or if you are on a tight budget. It can be fitted with or without underlay-or on your existing underlay. It's hard wearing and looks great in 4 stock colours.